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The Nature Build of Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Guide

Hi, all. Today i will share the neverwinter hunter ranger nature build for you. Nature path mainly foucus on Armor Penetration andBuffs with your gear and use the power of Nature, bolstering your ability to enhance yourself and your allies.

Below is the Human hunter ranger Nature Feats. If you are Wood Elf / Half-Orc / Drow or other races, you can not use the Scoundrel Training feats. Recommended races are Wood Elf and Drow, whether your focus on ArP or Buffs.


Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Nature Build Feats

Detail of the Feats:
Black Arrow (5/5): Archery path. Why you use this feat? This can add the max 10% more Critical Severity, and is the one of the best blanket boosts to DPS for nature build. The critical severity will turn Split Shot into a killer skill you should be using Aspect of the Pack at this point.
Nature's Blessing (5/5): Increase the effectiveness of healing towards you by 20% (max). Like the Cleric, Campfires or some items are your healing source.
Forestwalk (5/5): Buff powers increase your target's Run Speed by 10% (max) for 10s. This is a movement buff each time you buff someone.
Grace of the Fox (5/5): Reduce the cooldown of your encounter skill Fox's Cunning power by 5s (max).
Thickness of the Stag (5/5): While affected by encounter melee skill Stag Heart, targets gain 10% (max) Damage Reduction. This is a huge bonus. 
Blessing of the Oak (5/5): Your encounter melee skill Oak Skin power lasts an additional 5s (max).
Master of Nature (1/1): Increase the effectiveness of Hawkeye, Boar Hide, Stag Heart and Oak Skin on your teammates to 100%.

Some of the hunter ranger nature build

At-will: Split Shot, Rapid Shot / Aimed Shot
Daily: Forest Ghost, Disruptive / Seismic Shot

Party class: Aspect of the Pack, Twin-blade Storm / Stormstep Action
Party encounter: Thorn Ward / Binding Shot, Commanding Shot / Split the Sky, Fox's Cunning

Solo class: Aspect of the Lone Wolf, Twin-blade Storm
Solo encounter: Thorn Ward, Binding Arrow, Fox's Cunning

Boss class: Aspect of the Lone Wolf, Stormstep Action
Boss encounter: Thorn Ward, Commanding Shot, Fox's Cunning / Rain of Arrows

In a party, Aspect of the Pack + Twin-blade Storm will give the party within 25' of you CA and you bonus damage for multiple targets. Aspect of the Pack + Stormstep Action also give the party within 25' of you CA and you get the faster refresh on your buffs.

Commanding Shot / Stag Heart: The attack debuffs enemy damage and damage resistance for 6 seconds after the strike. And the melee skill Stag Heart can grant +12% temporary hitpoints, +10% Damage Resistance (indefinite, while Temporary Hit Points are not damaged) and +10% movement speed for 10s.

Binding Shot / Oak Skin: Increased Damage Resistance and Health Regeneration for the whole party for 15 seconds, +10% movement bonus (10sec).

Fox's Cunning/Fox Shift: Free dodge for each members of my party every 11 seconds.

Recommended Nature Hunter Ranger Gear

If you want to focus on Armor Penetration with your gear, the T2 Royal Guard is the best. Equip 2 piece +450 ArP, and equip 4 piece can have a chance to reduce all of your cooldowns by 30%. (Below)


Neverwinter Hunter Ranger T2 Royal Guard Gear

If you want to focus on Buffs with your gear, the T2 Forest Lord is the best. Equip 2 piece bonus +450 Recovery, and equip 4 piece bonus is when you buff an ally, you have a chance to grant them 500 Power and 500 Critical Strike, ArP or Recovery. (Below)


Neverwinter Hunter Ranger T2 Forest Lord Gear

Last, the weapon enchantments you can choose Vorpal (Crit) / Flaming (DPS) / Plague Fire (DPS and Debuff) / Terror (best for Forest Lord gear), and the armor enchantments you can choose Soulforged and Barkshield.

Ok, if you are interested in neverwinter hunter ranger build of Neverwinterstore, please pay attention to us. Thanks and enjoy!